Combining Pet Treatments – Bravecto and Milbemax

Being a pet parent is not as simple as many people believe. There are many challenges, and pet parents must be extra cautious with everything, especially parasites, which are the most dangerous. Every dog owner’s worst nightmare is fleas, ticks, and worms. You can stay on top of their health and prevent pests by using our extensive flea, tick, and worm treatment collection. Flea, tick, and worm treatment should be administered every four to eight weeks to reduce the likelihood of infestation. However, if your pet has picked up a pest, you can find all the information you need to combat the problem right here on BudgetPetCare. When it comes to protecting your pets from harmful parasites, you have a lot of options, which is great in some ways but can make choosing the treatment for your pet a little more difficult. 

So, here’s one topic covered – Bravecto and Milbemax!

Bravecto – What is it?

Bravecto are an effective method of eliminating and controlling fleas and ticks orally. Within 2 hours of consuming these chews, the action begins to bear fruit. It effectively kills nearly all adult fleas in 8 hours and completely destroys ticks in 12 hours. Furthermore, Bravecto chewable is effective in treating and controlling American Dog ticks, Brown Dog ticks (approximately 12 weeks), and Lone Star ticks (8 weeks).

Essential Ingredient – Fluralaner

Manufacturer – Merck

More Information:

• Effective against fleas and ticks.

• Administered every three months.

• Delicious chewable tablet – can be given whole or crushed.

• Not to be used on puppies weighing less than 2kg or under the age of 8 weeks.

• Can be used safely in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs.

• Weights range from 2-4.5kg to 4.5-10kg, 10-20kg to 20-40kg, and 40-56kg to 40-56kg. For dogs weighing more than 56kg, use a combination of two tablets that closely match their body weight.

This option is ideal for swimmers because it eliminates the need for a topical application! This option does not include worm protection, so it is recommended that you worm monthly to protect against roundworms, lungworms, and tapeworms. Milbemax is an effective wormer to use in combination with Bravecto.

Milbemax – What is it?

This option is ideal for swimmers because it avoids the use of a topical application! Because this option excludes worms, it is suggested that you treat your pet for worms on a monthly basis to guard against roundworms, lungworms, and tapeworms. Milbemax is an effective wormer to use in combination with Bravecto.

Essential Ingredients – Milbemycin Oxime and Praziquantel

Manufacturer – Novartis

More Information:

• Treats all types of worms, including lungworm prevention when taken on a monthly basis.

• Chewable tablet – should be given with or after food

• Milbemax is not harmful to breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs

Can I combine more than one treatment?

Absolutely! Most flea, tick, and worming products on the market are safe when used in combination with other products. In many cases you may find combining 2 or more products is necessary for complete coverage.

How frequently should I treat my dog for fleas, worms, and ticks?

Adult dogs must be protected against heartworm and fleas at all times.

When it comes to intestinal worms, adult dogs should be wormed at least every three months, but those who come into contact with children, the elderly, or immune-compromised people should be wormed monthly.

Puppies are more vulnerable to the health effects of worms than adults, so they must be dewormed more frequently. We recommend fortnightly from 2 weeks to 12 weeks, monthly until 6 months, and at least 3 monthly after that for the rest of your life.

What flea and worming treatments are suitable for my puppy?

Most flea and worming products are safe for puppies to use, though the minimum age varies. Before giving your puppy any treatments, always read the label and product information and consult a veterinarian if you are unsure. Intestinal wormers should be started at the age of two weeks, and heartworm prevention should begin at the age of twelve weeks.

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