Buy Frontline Flea product after seeing its photo online

Often one is lured into buying stuff, which has the label of discount on it. Online stores give heavy rebates on flea products. But while buying ensure that you see the authentic product photo.

Buy Frontline Flea product

Never get betrayed by cheap tricks. Even our dogs do recognize if there is a ‘catch’ in the prize. If our animals are intelligent enough then we should be smarter.  There are many websites that sell products for the treatments of medical conditions. When a pet is infested with fleas, ticks or other parasites then there is a need to buy products that can kill the parasites and stop them from coming back to haunt. Many vendors give Frontline flea products. But all may not be genuine.  You must be beware and learn to recognize the right product. Many consumers are cheated because of the cheap stuff and land up harming the pets. How does one recognize Frontline flea product? Which is the best way to purchase it?

One of the best ways of identifying any product including Frontline is the product packaging. It is distinct enough to be seen. It has all the important information required for the administration of the medication. Whenever you purchase drugs online for pets look for the photo of the product.   For example the label of Frontline flea products will mention that it is made by Merial.

Look for other signs like on the photo of the product:

  • Color code for different weights of dogs
  • Proper dosage instructions
  • Each country has a metric system for showing weight. For example in USA EPA approved label will be applicable on the package
  • Merial offer a toll free number for any Frontline products
  • If you ever call they will ask for the batch number of the product and expiry date
  • Frontline flea medication is approved by EPA and is safe for pets.

There are still ways to identify if the product is authentic. If you have bought the product online and have then home delivered then look for the following signs:

  • The Frontline flea packaging will have a foil blister and each pipette is a separate applicator.
  • In USA the pet owner is asked to cut open with a pair of scissors.
  • If the color codes are missing then it is a counterfeit. If the language is foreign on the packaging it can be a wrong product.
  • Buy only from licensed vets or certified online pet pharmacies
  • Saving money is one thing, but being cheated is quite another thing while buying pet medicines.

It is true that over the counter products do not require prescriptions. But when it comes to the health of the pet, it is best to ask the vet at least once before buying online. A photo of a Frontline flea treatment is a simple way to know if one should buy it. Save this information so that you are able to discern before buying online. Counterfeit flea products may not work like this brand does to remove fleas from your pet.

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