Celebrating National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

Have you ever wondered what your cat must be thinking about you? Well, cats don’t talk but if they could, what would they say? What questions they’d ask their pet parents? Cats are curious at hearts and we’re sure they must have a plethora of questions running in their minds. So, to answer all your cat’s questions, January 22nd is celebrated as National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.

Cats are peculiar creatures who never fail to amaze humans. Besides, imagine how interesting it would be if our cats started talking and interrogating us?! Well, you don’t have to put much effort because we have jotted down some of the best and intriguing questions a cat could ask her human.

Why Do You Get Angry When I Scratch The Furniture?

Well, it’s a known fact that cats love to scratch. And for that, varieties of scratching posts are available in the market. However, little kitty, it is not okay to scratch the expensive furniture your human has bought. If you’re bored, you can instead play with your toys and scratch on the scratch post that your parent has lovingly bought for you!


Can’t You Keep Those Strangers Away From Me?

Okay, kitty cat. When you’re living with humans, you will have to get used to people coming to the house. They could be friends of your human or their family, and they might also try to pet you. Don’t scare them off; just behave nicely and they won’t bother you for anything. So, next time someone tries to pet you, just be a good cat and you’ll be rewarded with treats!


Your Laptop Is Cozy! Why Can’t I Sit On It?

We gotta get this straight – it’s a laptop, not a heating pad for you. It certainly feels warm to sit on it, but dear cat, it’s not an ideal sitting spot as it could damage the machine. Many electronic devices get heated when they’re being used for a longer amount of time, but if you’re feeling cold, give your human an indication and they’ll get some blankets to keep you warm!


Why Do I Have To Eat Those Tablets Every Month?

Beloved cat, these tablets are good for you. Although they have an unpleasant taste, these tablets and topical treatments will keep you away from dangerous parasites such as fleas and ticks. Remember when your human makes you eat that dose of Capstar or puts on that spot on liquid Revolution Plus? Well, that was so that you don’t get fleas all over your body!


Those Huge Vacuum Noises Scare Me! Why Do You Keep Doing It?

Aww, kitty! No one wants to scare you off or make you nervous. Vacuuming the house is a part of the cleaning process so your surroundings remain clean! Otherwise, you’d get all that dirt on your coat and we’re sure you won’t like it! So, let your human do that vacuuming and have patience; it won’t last for long.


I Am Shy! Don’t Flash That Camera On Me.

You’re shy but you’re also adorable and pretty! So how is one supposed to stop themselves from taking your super cute pictures? Your humans love you and they want to capture every memorable moment they spend with you! So, sometimes do it for fun and stun your human with that smile-y post!


We hope you had fun reading through these questions! If you have any more questions in your mind that you think your kitty would ask you, go ahead and make a list! And don’t forget to share it with us.