13 Ideas To Keep Your Dog Entertained When You’re Not Home

Ideas To Keep Your Dog Entertained When You’re Not Home

Every dog parent is super attached to their furry friend and would never want to leave them alone at home but this is not the case always. There are times when you need to step out of your house, even for an hour, and leave the little furball at home. So, what do your animal companions do in their lone time? Don’t worry! We have prepared a list of a few tips and tricks that you can use to keep your dog out of boredom when they are alone at home. Take a look.

1. Give Them a Window View:

Dogs and little puppies enjoy the outside view and always want to peek out of the window to see what is happening outside. Whenever you plan to go out, give a window seat to your pet which will keep them entertained with the views, even in your absence.

2. Plenty of Treats:

Whenever you wish to step outside leaving your dog alone at home, fill a basket of their favorite treats covered with ice cubes. This will keep them entertained and engaged with the cool ice while enjoying their favorite snacks.

3. Keep Them Entertained:

If you are in a hurry and do not find anything for your dog, just switch on the TV for them. Many YouTube channels are specifically created for dogs to keep them engaged and entertained.

4. Give Them a Comfort Corner:

Before leaving them alone, make them sit in a cozy, comfortable corner where they can feel secure and have a good time alone.

5. Engage Them with Puzzles:

There are a variety of puzzle games available in the market for your little one. This not only prevents boredom but also provides mental stimulation so that they do not turn on their destructive side.

6. Hire a Dog Walker:

With the shift in our routines and super-packed schedules, hiring dog walkers is becoming increasingly popular. Dog walkers ensure that the little one is taken care of so that they do not feel alone when you are away. With dog walkers, your dog doesn’t have to compromise with their everyday exercise, food, and sleeping habits.

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7. Add a Companion to the Family:

There is no other comfort than having a companion or a partner and dogs get super happy and excited to have their companion with whom they can play and share a lifelong bond. Although having a new pet is a huge responsibility and if you are up for it, nothing can beat it for your furball, especially in your absence.

8. Arrange a Treasure Hunt:

Dogs love toys and they have their favorite set of toys as well. Organize a treasure hunt for them using their toys. This will stimulate their mental health and will keep them entertained.

9. Provide a Scratcher Bed:

Even when you are not around your pup, you would want to see them playing and enjoying their time. Before going out, prepare a cute scratcher bed for them with some tasty crumbles sprinkled all over the bed so that they can stay engaged and active.

10. Organize a Scent Hunt:

Dogs are natural sniffers. Set up a hunt for their favorite snacks for them. They will find them with their smell and it will keep them engaged and busy for longer hours.

11. Make Them Exercise:

Train your pup to perform some exercises at home even when you are not around. This will keep them busy for stretched hours and eventually make them tired and sleepy.

12. Get Assistance from a Neighbor or a Friend:

You can call a friend or a neighbor to spend time with your pooch in your absence.

13. Give Them Outdoor Playtime:

If your dog is very active and enjoys playing outside, make an area specially secured for your dog where they can play in your absence and stay entertained and energetic.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your dog engaged while you are away is extremely crucial as this would keep them physically as well as mentally healthy and happy. Any activity won’t substitute your presence but they would help when your pooch is alone at home while keeping them entertained.