Understanding the history of Advantage ii and its benefits for pets

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Pet education is one of the least understood topics as some owners only concentrate on adopting them for social reasons, for companionship and for flaunting amongst peers. Few owners are ready for the rest of the dynamics that need to be understood. Advantage II DogsSome pets are abandoned and some land back to their original homes. They are abandoned when they contract deadly fleas and ticks or are attacked by mites or mosquitoes. If the pet owner is able to comprehend the needs of the early treatment they will not be aghast with the skin disease or any other fatality that may arise. Although there are enough brands in the market for flea control our focus right now is on understanding the history of Advantage ii and its benefits for pets.

Some pet owners do not like to spend too much after they have adopted the pet. Hence they feel shampooing and grooming are sufficient for the pet. Some even feel that if the fleas will die if the pet is put in water and cleansed. These are all misguided souls who need to understand that fleas do not vanish with simple bathing and shampooing. A flea control medication is required. Bayer the pharma company that has been in making formulations for years has done enough research and come up with Advantage for different pets. Whether you have a Jack Russell Terrier or a German Shepard, Golden Retriever, a bulldog, a pitbull or a coochie pug they all can be saved by their skin. A product that lasts for a minimum 30 days is required to kill the fleas. When this application is spread out the new fleas will done within hours.

When you see the pet feeling the itch then it is trouble. When the fleas appear there are several options that many pet owners try. Amongst the most well known are flea powder and sprays, shampoos and dips, indoor and outdoor control, oral flea control, spot ons and also flea combs.

The benefits of Advantage ii are:

1.    They keep the home also pest free.
2.    Advantage can be used for cats and dogs but there are different ones for both kinds of pets.
3.    It works within 12 hours of application, which is the best way to slow down the flea cycle.
4.    A spray is required to be doused all over the body but this medication can be put in a single spot between the shoulder blade of the dog or cat.
5.    When it is applied in one spot, it spreads all over when it reaches the hair follicles. Hence the pet owner does not have to mess with it for a long time ensuring that it reaches every part of the body.
6.    Monthly use is ideal. It kills all the adult fleas, eliminates the larvae and the eggs.

The original Advantage is most useful for adult fleas but is not very effective for the larvae and eggs. Hence the new improved version is a better choice.

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