Want A Furry Friend For Your Family? Check The Top 5 Family Dog Breeds

Every fourth household in the USA has a dog. Canines are extremely popular in our country and almost all the citizens simply love to have a pet. There are several families that are not able to adopt dogs thinking about the safety of their children. But, is this reason enough to stay put from the affection of a dog?

If you are pushing the decision of adopting a pet because of your kid or a big family, then this list of top 5 family dog breed will definitely alter your views. It is true that some breeds are not suitable for families and their presence may create a situation which may harm either one of your family members or the pooch himself. But, it is also true that there are some breeds that may fit into your family frame perfectly.


Let’s check the top 5 family dog breeds that may brighten your lives at home!

1.   Labrador Retriever- The common one, yet with uncommon qualities
The Labrador retriever is one of the most famous dog breed all around the world. They are known for their love and compassion to prove themselves to their pack members, which is your family in the case. Being protective, playful, reliable and loving is in their genes. This breed enjoys showing off their skills and newly learnt techniques in front of their families. This breed may be the best choice for your family, especially if you have a kid.

2.   Newfoundland- Big furry friend for your big family
Have you ever heard the term “nature’s nannies”?  Newfoundland is one of the breeds that are considered to be the nannies of the nature. They have an inner quality of caring for kids and other family members. They may not have any issue with changing their living space as far as his family is along with him. If you have a large yard at your home, Newfoundland may easily reach up to your expectations of showing affection and care. Their big size is a plus if you have a kid in the house.

3.   Bull Terriers- Exactly opposite of how they are portrayed
There is a huge misconception of this species among people. Bull dogs and terriers are thought of some dangerous breeds, which is totally incorrect. In fact, Bull terriers are one of the most patient breeds that prove to be perfect for the family having children. They are sturdy which makes them tolerant for the pranks that your kids may enjoy with him. They are highly energetic that might wear your children out, yes, quite a relief for you! Highly intelligent, cute and adorable that vows to protect their families forever. You must try this breed if you have enough space at home for his exercise.

4.   Poodle- Best for families having an allergic member
There are many families that are not able to adopt a dog because one of their family members is allergic to them. Well, Poodles can be the one for your family. One of the best qualities of Poodles is that they do not shed. They are available in a number of sizes and are considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds. Plus, have you noticed their cute face? With their utter cuteness comes their loving and caring nature.

5.   Golden Retriever- King of elegance and intelligence
Everything about this breed, including their royal looks and intelligence is impeccable. Though they come with a short life span, they are worth spending that time. They are highly energetic and are avid swimmers, which is a plus for your children’s swimming sessions. Their loyalty has portrayed many tales in the history. Their patience around kids makes them one of the best options for a family dog.

These breeds may brighten your lives with their affectionate attitude towards humans, including children. Their patience makes them the best breeds for families, especially with kids. Although they are considered to be the best breeds for families, it is recommended to check the traits of their parents with the shelter that you adopt from. Good luck!