Things You Need To Know About Combining Flea Treatments

Fleas are the forever witty fellas of the pets. No matter how much small in size, fleas have literally made the medical industry leverage their innovation and advancement to come up with new flea preventives and treatments. However, due to the myriad of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming for pet parents to choose the right product. Where else the areas which are highly affected by fleas require more precautions and control. And that’s the reason why pet parents sometimes tend to experiment by combining flea treatments.

Well, mixing flea treatments without proper supervision is a bad idea but anyhow pet parents tend to do that. Therefore, here’s what you need to know before experimenting with the flea treatments.

Firstly, it is imperative for you to know that every pet is different. Thus, the results of treatment on pets may vary. Therefore, pet parents should read product labels meticulously if you intend to combine the products. However, ensure to consult your vet before combining treatments because a vet can better understand and suggest an apt combination for your pet as and when required. But, here are some combinations to know which have been tried by many pet parents for their pets.

Combining Flea Collars

Flea collar such as Preventic is generally safe to combine individually with flea preventives such as Frontline Plus, Revolution for dogs or K9 Advantix etc. These combinations have proven to be safe and successful in the fleas and ticks prevention. Moreover, it is imperative for pet parents to consult their vet before combining Seresto Collar with any other flea preventives.

Combining Oral Flea Treatment

Oral flea treatment such as Capstar can be combined with Frontline Plus for dogs. However, it is usually not safe to use more than one treatment but at the same time, you can combine Capstar with Frontline Plus. As Capstar only kills adult fleas whereas Frontline Plus not only kills juvenile form of fleas but also eliminates ticks by providing month-long protection.

Combining Heartworm Preventives

It is crucial to protect your pet from heartworm disease. Therefore, it is necessary to treat your pup with the right flea combination that also provides heartworm protection. So, combining Heartgard Plus with Frontline Plus is safer to administer your pet. Heartgard doesn’t hinder the process of other treatments as it doesn’t target flea or ticks. Hence it is safe to combine Heartgard Plus with flea treatment as it not only protects from heartworms but also kills roundworms and hookworms.

Combinations To Avoid

Revolution with Advantage Multi(Advocate)

Advantage or Advantix with Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus with Advantage II

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Points To Consider

  • Consult your vet in any case of confusion and even before combining the treatments.
  • Never overdose your pet with any treatment.
  • Ensure to avoid combing treatments that target the same species.
  • Do not use more than one spot-on treatment, two oral treatments, or heartworm pills.