5 Tips to Develop Peace Between Fighting Cats

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There is a fine quote on a cat’s behavior, “In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this yet.” This is very true to a certain extent. Cats are masters of their own and it can be very difficult to tame a cat. With ultimate cuteness, these fur balls can also be moody and territorial.

Pet parents having more than one cat would have absolutely witnessed a cat fight at least once. Felines are not very socializing in nature and can be dominating if they are threatened by the presence of other cats. This may lead to the series of hisses and growls before they actually start to wrestle.  It becomes inevitable to develop a peace treaty between them or else, you may have to lose one of your darling fur balls.

Use these 8 tips to establish peace between your fighting felines!

Cat Fight Solution Tips


1. Find what could be the cause of fight

Cats are the ones who usually prefers to keep to themselves and do not socialize much. There can be many causes for the bitter terms between them. If your cats were friendly to each other and there was a sudden disruption in their terms, then it is important to check it out first. It may happen that if one cat is sick, he may not respond to the other cat in the same way. And the other cat may feel offended which may start the hisses and growls.

So, it is not necessary that cats can never get along. Insecurities, moods, health are some of the reasons that can make your felines dominating over other cats. Well, some can be just bullies! In that case you may need to be strict with that friend of yours. Find the cause and then start the action.

2. Interrupt their fight

Have you ever seen humans fighting in the streets or elsewhere? They keep on fighting until they are interrupted by their friends or the crowd. When humans have a scanty control over their aggression, then these are just cute little fur balls. Your felines may never stop fighting if you don’t interrupt them. Divert their attention towards you by clapping or making other sounds. You can use the water gun or air gun to distract them. Once they are attentive towards you, give something to play to each of them. This will cool their aggression for a while. Let them be on their own for some time and check the results.

3. No rewards for the bully- make it a rule

Some pet parents tend to stop the cats fighting by giving treats to the bully cat. This can motivate him and would behave nastily every time he wants a treat. You will not even get to know that you too are blackmailed by him.

Instead, be strict to the dominating cat and don’t reward him until he stops his rude behavior. Once he is calm and makes no move to start the fight again, reward him for his nice behavior by tossing treats towards him. This will keep your four legged friend in control.

4. Separate their territories

If your cute little felines are turning nasty every time they see each other, separate their territories. Put them in different rooms, but close enough that they could smell each other. If there is no room and it becomes a compulsion to keep them in one room, make a vertical territory.

Make it a point to separate their beddings, food bowls, litter boxes and water bowls. If everything is individual to them, then they may gradually start playing with each other. A new relationship can develop between them after their territorial satisfaction.

5. Re-introduce them

Once they live in separate rooms or in divided territories, introduce them like the first time. Try to make them comfortable in each other’s presence. Play something that may involve both of them and let them start fresh. While you do this, don’t think of merging their assets and territories. Keep their things separate; sharing can be really a bad idea for your sweet furry friends.

To sum up, felines are a bit moody in nature. Being territorial animals, they need their own space which has to be restricted for the other cat. To establish, or maintain peace between them, pet parents may need to take extra precautions. These tips may help you to deal with the cat fights occurring at your home. Try them and set a peaceful aura!

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