Animal Rescue Calendars- A Step Forward to Animal Welfare

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Animal rescue shelters in all over the nation do their best for animal welfare. They love animals and take care of them to that extent which is beyond imagination. But whatever they do to help these pooches and cats to live, is definitely not easy. It costs them a lot to keep up with the basic necessities of pets. One of their ways to balance their costs is fundraising events.

Many rescue shelters had organized fund raising events at the start of the year. They sold animal rescue calendars with various dogs featuring in them. All rescue shelters had different themes to show in the calendar posters. Some showed the photos of the adopted dogs and their pet parents while some shelters had shoots of their one-breed dogs with models to spread awareness about that breed.

Let’s check about different organizations and their 2015 animal rescue calendars!


Last Day Dog Rescue (LDDR)

Interesting name! Isn’t it? But, their work is far more interesting. This Livonia based rescue shelter has a unique way of rescuing pets. They mostly rescue dogs from other high-kill shelters on their last day i.e. before they are euthanized. For their calendars, they chose adopters and foster parents with their lovely pooches. Each month shows a different pet parent with his four-legged friend. It was a great concept to show these good people on calendars which could boost up the morale of other people to consider adopting a rescue pup. Their calendar costs $12 and you get the sixth one free with a purchase of 5 calendars.


Michigan Humane Society

MHS is one of the oldest animal welfare organizations and is serving animals since 1877. Since January 2010 they have found homes for 100% healthy dogs and cats in their organization. Their calendar featured more than 300 pets of Michigan Humane Society supporters. Well, you may even spot one of your family member’s pooches in them! It costs $15, plus tax, and include references to holidays, Michigan Humane Society events and pet health and safety tips.


Detroit Bully Corps

This is a non-profit organization working for the welfare of Bully breeds. Their focus is to rescue the neglected, abused and homeless bully breed dogs. Their 2015 calendar, “Pretties and Petties” featured their bull breed dogs with models and costs $15.60. This organization also helps in re-homing and educating people on bully breed dogs.


Leader Dogs for the Blind

This organization was founded in 1939 to help in the empowerment of blind, visually impaired or blind-deaf people with leader dogs. They train their dogs to be smart enough to take care of their pet parents and in return, their clients just have to promise to take care of these smart leader dogs. Their 2015 calendar includes photos by their clients, puppy raisers, employees and more. Its cost is $18 which includes taxes and shipping charges.

Two months have gone by, but can anytime be inappropriate for doing some good? You can still contribute to the animal welfare by ordering these calendars. It is difficult to adopt a number of pets, but we can always help these organizations with their mission. Order these calendars and make a difference in 2015!

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