Debunking Myths About Coronavirus

The ending of 2019 the World Health Organization declared that the 2019 novel coronavirus is now a global health emergency. With the outbreak of this malignant disease people are not only concerned to protect themselves but their pets as well. Canine masks are high in sales along with the medicated masks for humans as primary protection from coronavirus. You might have been listening, reading or discussing coronavirus everywhere. However, there are 50% chances of spreading false information that can be perceived as facts due to the fear of coronavirus in the air.

You might also hear some brilliant people saying that Coronavirus come from corona beer…Duh! Corona beer became the culprit just because it rhymes with Coronavirus. While in reality, corona simply means crown. The microscopic vision of coronavirus is projecting S-spikes that looks to be crown-like and that’s the reason why the globally spreading virus is known as Coronavirus.

We know how hard it can be dealing with the numbers of people getting infected by this fatal disease and with that the major concern is the pets for the pet parents. The bonker’s theories about coronavirus can literally add into your worries. So, we have compiled a list of myths about coronavirus that everyone should be aware of. Have a glance at it so that you can get those rumors out from adding more to your worries.

Myth 1:Pets can Catch Coronavirus

Yes, dogs do get coronavirus such as Canine respiratory coronavirus but this disease isn’t believed to be a threat for them. Apparently, there’s no evidence that companion animals/ pets such as dogs or cats can be infected by the new coronavirus. So, for now, U.S. doesn’t need to do anything but follow normal health precautions to protect your pet from parasites in the environment and for that, you can provide fleas and tick preventives to maintain your pet’s well-being.

Myth 2: Pets can spread Coronavirus

If you think that you can get coronavirus from your pet or animals in public places than please don’t believe that. You’re not going to get the menacing coronavirus from your pooch. Pets such as cats and dogs do carry their own type of coronavirus but those aren’t human pathogens. Moreover, there are common bacteria such as E-coli that can pass between pets and humans which can be prevented by simply washing your hands with soap and water after contact with pets.

Myth 3: Antibiotics Can Prevent or Treat Coronavirus

If you think that coronavirus can be prevented or treated by antibiotics then it is crucial to know that coronavirus is a viral infection which means treating it with antibiotics is useless. Antibiotics only work in treating bacteria. The World Trade Organization has declared that ‘The new Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a virus, therefore, antibiotics shouldn’t be used as a means of prevention or treatment.

Myth 4: Garlic is the best prevention for Coronavirus

At times it feels that a new virus in the environment comes with new opportunities for retailers and marketers selling products that might help to get prevent that virus which is even hard to prevent by antibiotics…duh! Garlic is undoubtedly a healthy food and possesses antimicrobial properties but at present, there is no such evidence that consuming garlic protects people from the new coronavirus.

Hence, these are the myths that we all need to consider before falling into the trap of misinformation that you get. Moreover, you call immediately your veterinarian to let them know if your pet or other animal becomes ill. Do not take the pet to a veterinary clinic until you have had a discussion with clinic staff. Tell them about any contact the animal may have had with someone with the 2019-nCoV infection.