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It is a general belief among pet parents that fleas are more prominent in summer when the weather is hot and humid. Many believe that fleas die in winter and their pooch is safe for the season. Fact or myth, we will uncover it with facts.

Do Fleas Die in Winter

Do Fleas Die During Winter?

Fleas are very opportunistic pests, in a way that they will remain dormant until they find the right conditions to hatch. This means even during winter they can infest your pet. Now, one might wonder how that happens when you don’t notice any fleas at all during the winter, The answer follows next.

What Happens During Winter?

If the temperatures hit below zero during winters and remains there for about a while, adult fleas may die. The adult stage is a very small part of the of a flea life cycle. Once your pet gets a flea bite, it can start laying eggs that end up in the carpet and other areas of your house. Later eggs turn into larvae and then they form a cocoon around the pupae. These pupae can stay as cocoons for up to 30 weeks before emerging into adult fleas. Even though that might not happen outdoors where the temperatures are low, they can still find a favorable atmosphere inside your house.
This means if your dog has brought in even a single flea before the winter starts, there are chances of a flea infestation.

Other Ways Pets Can Get Fleas During Winter:

Fleas don’t survive in extremely cold conditions which may reduce their chances of survival in the wilderness, but if they have already infested a wild animal, they pose a threat. Meaning, the raccoon family in your neighborhood or the possums in the bushes near your house can be flea carriers. They can infect your pet during their outdoor playtime or bring the bugs inside your house one or the other way.

Does my Pet Require Flea Treatment During Winter?

Considering the verities, your pet may still need flea treatments during the winter. When it comes to fleas, prevention is always better than cure, so continuing your pet’s regular treatments will be beneficial. If you skip these, you pose a threat of developing a flea infestation, which can be difficult to control and costly in eliminating completely. Continue with the preventives, keep your house clean and vacuum regularly, especially your pet’s bedding. This will help you get rid of the fleas and eggs, and reduce the chances of an infestation once the temperature goes up.

Now, that we know

The chances of fleas dying during winter are not 100% guaranteed. Although, their population may be reduced with temperatures going down, there is still a risk. This makes it necessary to continue the flea treatments during the cold weather too.
So, this winter let your pet be covered in a fleece, not fleas!

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