Teach Your Dog to Turn Lights On and Off

Every pet owner wants his or her pooch to learn new tricks. If you too are one of them, then you may not have to wait anymore to teach one to your pet. Teaching your dog to switch On/OFF the light is definitely easy, but not without consistency. For this trick, your Fido should be tall enough to reach the light switch easily. Or, you may also consider a smaller breed, if he is high on energy and willing to do this. So, how will you teach your pooch to operate light switches? Let’s find out!

A step-by-step guide to help your pooch learn this cool trick!

BPC -- Pooch learns to operate lights

  1. Teach commands like “leap up”, “touch it” and “watch me” to your pooch. Train him thoroughly for these commands for later benefits. Use a clicker and treats while teaching these commands. On a right action, click the clicker followed by a treat. Make sure you click the clicker after every correct action.
  2. Now, after your dog does leap, touch, or watch whenever you ask him too, you start the actual training. Stand beside the light switch. Hold the treat on the wall, just above the switch, and command him to leap. Click and treat when he leaps.
  3. It’s time to teach your pooch to touch the switch. Keep the treat on the switch with your hand. Command your pooch to touch the switch. Click and treat him on all his successful attempts.
  4. Repeat the above two steps until your furry friend knows both the commands well. Practice whenever you are free to make him perfect. Try both of the above steps without treats too.
  5. Now, use the “watch me” command to make him observe you operating the switch. Use the words “switch off” and “switch on” while doing that to the switch. Let him absorb these new commands.
  6. Use the clicker and treats while the execution of the commands. Command him to switch off the light and treat him after a click. Practice with “leap, touch and switch off” commands consistently.

Doesn’t it sound simple? Well, may turn out to be a bit difficult than it seems. Make your Fido practice this drill for at least 15 consecutive days; you can vary the days according to his learning abilities. Once you think that your pet has become sound in this trick, you may still need to go through this drill every week.