Frontline Plus vs Advantix for Dogs

Summer is at its peak in the USA. The blazing sun and heat-waves have sizzled humans during the season. Similarly, the season has been bothering our beloved pets as well. Additionally, flea and tick outbreaks are always associated with summer. With the rising temperature, these parasites become even more difficult to cope with. This is why picking up a safe and effective flea and tick treatment for your pet becomes an important task for every pet parent.

Frontline Plus vs Advantix for Dogs

There is a plethora of flea and tick treatments available on the market that makes your job even more difficult when you need to choose one from the several. The variety of treatments includes topical liquid solutions, oral chewable tablets, and flea collars/bands.

When you think of a safe and reliable flea and tick solution for your dog, Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix (Advantix) are the two of the most vet-recommended brands. To make the job easier, here we have made a detailed comparison between these two products which can help you understand the difference between the two and help you go with the product that better suits to your dog.


There are a few basic questions that come in everyone’s mind when comparing two products. The table below enlists a few questions that can help you obtain the basic information about Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix:




What is the product about?

Made by Merial (Boehringer-Ingelheim), Frontline Plus is the most popular flea and tick brand.

K9 Advantix is a Bayer-made spot-on solution that protects your dog against various parasites, including fleas and ticks.

What does the product protect against?

Frontline Plus kills fleas, ticks, chewing lice and stops fleas from laying eggs.

K9 Advantix kills fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. It also repels ticks, fleas, biting flies, and mosquitoes.

How does it work?

Fipronil attacks and kills adult fleas and ticks, whereas S-methoprene kills flea eggs and larvae preventing the re-infestation.

Imidacloprid strikes on adult fleas and flea larvae and paralyses them until they die. Permethrin repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and flies.

How soon does it show the effect?

Frontline kills adult fleas within approximately 18 to 24 hours of application. Fleas do not have to bite the animal, they die as soon as they come in contact with the treated dog’s skin.

K9 Advantix kills fleas within 12 hours of application on dogs. It kills re-infesting fleas from the surroundings within 2 hours and protects against further re-infestation for at least four weeks.

Are there any drawbacks?

In case of sensitive skin, the combination of fipronil and s-methoprene may cause skin irritation or a rash.

Permethrin is extremely toxic for cats. After applying K9 Advantix on your dog, keep your cat away from the dog for a few hours.

Benefits of Frontline Plus

  • Kills adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae.
  • Effectively kills ticks and chewing lice
  • Fast-acting waterproof formula so your dog can go swimming or bath.
  • Safe to use on dogs eight weeks and older.
  • Formula gets absorbed into the skin glands, hence it lasts for long.

Benefits of K9 Advantix

  • Effective against killing fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.
  • Repels ticks, fleas, biting lice and mosquitoes.
  • Waterproof formula that does not come off even if your dog gets wet.
  • Can be used on eight weeks and older age dogs.
  • Protects against mosquitoes which transmit heartworm disease.


In general, both Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix look similar in nature. However, there are a few dissimilarities between these products if you get into the finer details.

The table below shows the comparison of key features evaluating the effectiveness of Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix.

Kills fleas and ticks
Repels fleas and ticks
Works on flea eggs and larvae
Repels mosquitoes
Eliminates chewing lice
Work on biting flies Yes, repels but does not kill
Prevents heartworms
Starts working 12 hours to kill fleas and 24-48 hours for ticks Kills fleas within 12 hours
Minimum Age Safe to use on 8 weeks and old dogs Dog should not be younger than 8 weeks
Safe for cats
Safety Safe to use on pregnant, lactating and breeding dogs. Consult your vet before using on pregnant, lactating or breeding dogs.
Mode of use Topical> Topical
Dosing frequency Monthly Once a month
Rx required
Target species Dogs, cats. Only dogs. Strictly restricted for cats.
Active ingredients Fipronil, S-Methoprene Imidacloprid, Permethrin
Manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim Bayer


Based on the information we have assembled here, K9 Advantix gets an edge over the Frontline Plus, preferably when you do not have a cat. On the other hand, Frontline Plus is considered to be safe to use in the households with cats. So, it really boils down to one’s personal preference.

Just like with every product, you will not come to know the good and bad about Frontline Plus and Advantix as well until you try one/both yourself. Make sure that you talk to your veterinarian before using any chemical on your pet.

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