How Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements Benefit Pets

Benefits of Giving Pets Omega 3

The ever-growing market of nutritional pet supplements has now build-up with a huge array of multivitamin supplements that can be helpful in different health issues. Omega 3 fatty acid supplement is one of them that have been widely used for both pets and humans these days.

Omega 3 fatty acid supplement has proved to be the best nutritional product with various benefits. Enriched with essential nutrients, Omega 3 supplement provides long-term advantages to pet health. Moreover, it is highly useful for senior pets who suffer from several types of age-related health problems.

What benefits your pet avails with the use of Omega 3 fatty acid supplement?

Good for Healthy Skin and Coat

Omega 3 fatty acid supplements helps to fight against skin problems and reduces most type of skin inflammation. This fatty acid helps lessen dry skin, dander and different types of skin scaling problems. Widely, used as skin enhancer, Omega 3 fatty acid supplements improve skin health and coat sheen.

Boosts Immune System in Older Pets

Due to age, senior dogs and cats lose immune power and constantly face infections or other types of diseases. A systematic dosage of Omega 3 supplements in older pets markedly boosts their immune system. It supports in supplying proper nutrients to immune system thus helps to make it powerful. With a good immune power, older pets are less likely to fall ill and stay healthy and active.

With age, vets usually recommend to start regular use dosage of Omega 3 fatty acids in pets. This helps in lowering brain degenerative disease as well as reverses brain inflammation in many senior canines and felines.

Decreases Inflammation in Pets On Pain Medication

In numerous diseases such as kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis – inflammation plays a major role. When a pet is suffering from such diseases, supplementing them with Omega 3 fatty acids dramatically reduces the pain and inflammation. With your vet’s consultation, you can provide this supplement along with some pain medications such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications) which are given to senior pets or following post-surgery.

Other Benefits of using fish oil in pets are as follows:

  • It slows down the growth of yeast infections in canines and felines.
  • It helps in regulating blood-clotting activity.
  • Regular usage aids in proper development of the retina and visual cortex.
  • Omega 3 maintains regular blood pressure and significantly reduces triglyceride and blood cholesterol levels.
  • Constant use of this fatty acid helps to fight allergies.
  • It prevents heart problems in your furry friend.
  • Remarkably helps in regulating blood-clotting problems.
  • The regular use of Omega 3 slows down the development and spread of certain pet cancers.
  • It helps in maintaining mental health of senior dogs.
  • This fatty acid alleviates the symptoms of irritable bowel disease.
  • Omega 3 helps in alleviating arthritis symptoms.

Omega 3 fatty acid supplement is helpful for number of conditions. Most vets recommend this supplement for preventive health benefits apart from regular nutritional supplement. Talk to your vet and find how often it would be better to supplement your pet with Omega 3 fatty acid.