National Pet Dental Month – Importance of Veterinary Care for Dental Health

Importance of Veterinary Care for Pet Dental Health

First month of the New Year 2017 is over and the second month February is here – a month specially dedicated for the dental health of pets. The pet passionate at BudgetPetCare wants to help pet owners to know about the essential pet dental health needs.

Importance of Dental Health in Your Pets

Pet dental exam, teeth cleaning and regular check-ups are all part of a good dental regime when you are looking to maintain your Pet’s Oral Health. Lack of which can greatly push them beyond pain and greatly impact the other aspects of pet health. Regular veterinary dental examinations and proper care by you can enormously prevent and address common issues of periodontal disease in four-legged partners and prevent decay and tooth loss.

Importance of Dental Health in Your Pets

Every year many surveys are carried out on pet dental health. And the majority of them brings out the issue of dental diseases starting at the early age in pets. It states that pets who are three years of age or older and have never had a dental checkup have an 85 per cent chance of having periodontal disease. The early clinical signs of dental problems appear to be bad breath and bleeding gums. Not only the condition causes unbearable pain, but in most cases, it also leads to infections slowly penetrating to vital organs of the body, including the kidneys, heart, lungs and liver.

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During the month of February many programs and workshops are held by professionals to help pet owners educated on how to clean their pet’s teeth using various dental products such as pet dent tooth brush, orovet oral rinse and pet dent tooth paste, in between the vet visits. Some workshops also provide dental checkups, cleanings and extractions.
In lack of proper dental hygiene, periodontal disease is a common and significant issue for many pets, which occurs when plaque turns into tartar. In such a state, a pet’s immune system may respond with gum inflammation, this slowly results into gingivitis, and in the advanced stages turns to be periodontal disease. Undergoing the treatment for the advanced dental disease stage will be the extraction of the loose or rotten teeth.

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Regular dental checkups, examinations, and cleanings help remove the plaque and prevents tartar buildup in the future. Cleaning reduces the rough areas on the teeth where the bacteria thrive. At home, attention needs to be given to oral hygiene with a daily regime of tooth brushing and mouth washing with dental gel. This helps prevent gum inflammation, periodontitis and gingivitis.

When dental disease reaches last stage, pets require surgical intervention and extraction. This will require a brief healing period. After this procedure pets appear more comfortable and return to grooming and playing in few days. However, to prevent infection, their mouth has to be rinsed with medicated dental rinse such as Orovet Oral Rinse daily or as recommended by your veterinary surgeon.

Celebrating this dental month, let’s not forget about the hygiene of your pet’s mouth. Good oral health helps in keeping your pet’s overall health.

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