Keep Your Dog Busy When You’re Off To Work

Most pet owners lead very busy lives with jobs and children. Our pets often spend all the time alone in the house. When your dog is left alone at home, he can get anxious, stressed or bored and will find a way to occupy his time that can be destructive in many ways like furniture, clothes or sometimes he may harm himself. To stop your dog from this behavior and to reduce his boredom, you can checkout these five ways.

Tips To Keep Dog Busy While You’re At Work

Let Your Dog Watch Television:

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You can put on your TV to the animal planet station or any dog TV and up the volume. The sounds coming from the TV will stimulate your dogs brain in a quiet house. You can even play the dog music, which is specially designed for the pooches to keep them entertained.

Keep Window Curtains Open:

Keep Window Curtains Open for DogIt is a good idea to keep the curtains of windows open, this will help your pooch watch out and know whatever is going outside your door. You can even set a cushion or chair by the window, so that your fur baby is comfortably able to sit and see out.

Scavenger Hunt / Puzzle toys for Dog:

puzzle food dispenser toys for dogs
You need to hide the food and let your dog hunt for his meals. You can hide it in a stuffed food puzzle toys or by keeping the small piles of his kibbles around your house before living for a day.

Calm Your Dog:

Calm Your Dog
When you are not at home, do your dog get very anxious, nervous or fearful you can try this Anxiety TFLN. This is an homeopathic remedy, which can be given to your dog. This will help to release the anxiety, nervousness and prevents unwelcome behavior. Before administrating it, read the label and instructions carefully.

Provide Chews for Dog:

provide chew toys for dog
You can bring up some chew toys such as dental chews. This will stop your dog to gnaw on your things as well as, dental chews will help to keep his teeth clean by reducing the build up of plaque and tartar. It will also stop bad breath from your pet’s mouth.

The above ways will surely stop the destructive behavior of your dog as well as reduce the boredom.

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