Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Training Your Dog

Whether you’ve brought a new puppy or adult dog to your home, the training phase plays a vital role in shaping the dog’s personality. Many pet parents get conscious when they start training their dogs. After all, they want their furry companions to get trained without any hassle. You must have come across many articles which provide tips on training your dog, however, there are very few which reveal the things that pet parents need to avoid when training their dogs. You might unknowingly make some mistake that could send a wrong message to your pet, so it’s essential to avoid making common errors during this phase.


Being Impatient During Training

The key to training your dog is being patient. If you rush through it, there’s a high chance you won’t get the results you desire. Any habit you want to inculcate in your dog will take time and patience. You cannot expect instant results, so it’s vital to remain calm and go with the flow when it comes to developing a new habit in your dog.


Making Your Dog Learn Multiple Things at a Time

Dogs, especially puppies, have a very low attention span. Therefore, always stick to one thing and start another only after your dog has learned the first one. This way, your furry buddy won’t get confused.


Being Inconsistent With the Schedule

Dogs can’t read the clock, but they do know when it’s time for them to eat or sleep. Thus, it’s crucial to stick to a schedule and progress accordingly. Your dog will soon pick up the training schedule and get ready at the same time every day. These little things help in keeping everything under control and also teach discipline to the animal.


Not Paying Enough Attention to Your Dog

Many of us spend hours on the phone and social media, which diverts our attention from other important things. When the training is going on, you have to pay 100% attention to your dog. If you, for even a moment, do something else, the dog will get the idea that you’re not dedicated and serious towards it and won’t follow your commands.


Letting Other Family Members Train Your Dog

The biggest mistake pet parents make is letting everyone in the family get in on the training. Even though the pet is going to live with an entire family, there should be only one person whose commands a dog should follow. That way, the dog won’t get confused and will learn that there’s only one alpha in the house.


Not Socializing Your Pup

Many pet parents don’t realize this, but it’s very essential to socialize your pet from early on. Not doing so can result in social anxiety and aggressive behavior in pets. Thus, ensure you let your four-legged pal gel up with strangers as well. You can take him to dog parks where he can get acquainted with other pets as well as their humans.


Comparing the Pet’s Progress with Other Dogs

Remember, like every child has different abilities, dogs are also the same. Some dogs catch up quickly while others take some time in following the rules. Thus, you need to be patient when dealing with dogs as they will only learn at their own pace. If you try to speed things up, chances are you won’t get the results you desire.

Be vigilant when training the dog but at the same time, also pay heed to their needs so this routine becomes interesting for both of you. Moreover, you need to have plenty of patience when dealing with a dog; trying to rush things will get you – or your dog – nowhere! So, train your furry companion in a way that even he enjoys the routine.

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