February : National Cat Health Month : Pledge for Your Cat’s Health

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National Cat Health Month

Cats are the bundle of amore that profusely fills our lives with lot of love and joy. Their mere presence creates ripples of good vibes transforming the environment fantastically. No matter how fussy they become at times, their cheerful companionship is just what we adore and would never like to miss. From running round the house aimlessly or stalking that one rat in the backyard, or following you round the house or twirling around their own tails trying to catch it, cats not only amaze us with their witty acts but also intrigue us for having such a dynamic demeanor.

And to honor their lively presence in our lives – National Cat Health Month is the perfect period to celebrate. This falls precisely in the first quarter of the year – February. It’s not all about celebrating the cheerful nature of your kitty but to ensure that your cat stays healthy. Well, National Cat Health Month is to help maintain their cheerful nature and persona by providing the best health care. Thus, pet owners need to go that extra mile taking care of their furry kitties this February.

Whether it is litter box cleaning, grooming or providing a monthly treatment, cat owners need to look into all these aspects to ensure that cat stays healthy and happy. So, let’s check here some of the major aspects that every cat owner should consider when it comes to keeping their furry kid fit and lively.

Litter Box Cleanliness
Cats are quite finicky and much into cleanliness. They would never like to use the dirty litter box if you miss to clean it. So, this National Cat Health Month practice cleaning the litter box on a regular basis or adjusting the litter box position to improve your cat’s littering manners.

High-Quality Diet
Health is utmost important whether it is for you or for your cat. Therefore, look forward to feeding your cat the high-quality diet that helps to keep her healthy and fit. Numerous commercial foods lack vital ingredients that are essential for cat’s growth and total well being. Therefore, when it comes to considering purchasing the cat food ensure that you opt for the quality option.

Grooming Schedule
Though cats groom themselves very well there is much for their hair and claws. These are two vital parts that make cats to stand out. Squeeze in time to schedule grooming session for your cat at home or book a grooming appointment for that sheen of your cat’s coat.

Periodontal Care Plan
Teeth are the vital part of your kitty and most cat owners don’t like when it comes to cleaning a cat’s teeth. And, most of them are also unaware of the fact that cleaning cat’s mouth promotes the bonding between the owner and the feline. Therefore, this National Cat Health Month, make a promise to yourself about practicing dental care of your lovable companion.

Monthly Preventive Treatment Plan
Similar to dogs, cats too are susceptible to the most common parasitic infestations caused due to fleas and ticks. These blood-sucking creatures cause various health conditions including skin rashes, irritation, flea allergy dermatitis, tick infestations, and others. While ignoring or missing the treatment can be life-threatening, putting them on monthly treatments can profusely save them from dangers and also helps prevent future infestations. So, this National Cat Health Month – take a pledge to start monthly flea and tick treatment for cat.

National Cat Health Month sends a message that cat being important of our lives, it is crucial that we provide them with the best health care to ensure their total wellbeing. So, let’s pledge to make them healthy and happy for the days to come.

“This National Cat Health Month – I Pledge with my every sensation that is attached to my kitty to provide her best care!”

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