Nutrition and Feeding Tips for Kittens

Nutrition and Feeding Tips for Kittens

Cuteness and few critters – remind us of little kittens. Their cuddly body and tiny twinkling eyes – is what makes us go flat for them. Have you found a newborn kitten or got a one (or two) from your cat, then you have to definitely march on for kitten care. You must be wondering and anxious about the total care including healthy nutrition rich kitten food to help your kitty grow into an adult cat.  

A Momma’s Baby

In the initial stage, a mother’s milk provides all the required nutrients that a baby kitten needs. As it’s a complete food, you need not have to feed your kitten anything extra.

Unlikely Conditions

In case, you have found an orphaned kitten or mother cat is ill or cannot fulfill kitten’s normal milk requirement, you can put the kitten on commercial milk replacer. If you are confused about where to get and how to feed your kitty on this product, talk to your vet.

Energy Booster Period

During the first few weeks, kittens need colossal amount of energy – almost twice or thrice amount that adult cats need. They grow very fast during this period and require huge energy until their maturity. Thus, they require nutrient-rich food that includes all the vital vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Special – Formula Kitten Food

Providing proper balanced diet help them to grow healthy. Ensure that the food you’re providing is specially formulated for kittens. To make sure whether you are feeding your kitten the right amount and type of food, talk to your vet.

Apart from Nursing

When kittens are around five to six weeks of age, you need to provide them high-quality food even though they must be on mother’s milk. It is important to introduce kitten food to them especially for training cats as they are weaned. During this period, feed them thrice a day, by introducing moist food. A good quality canned food can also be good for your kitten.

Free-Choice Feeding

Until eight weeks of age, most mothers suckle their kittens but around 80% of their energy is gained from kitten food. Keep them on free-choice feeding. Provide dry food into the bowl, which is available to them all the time.

Watery Feast

Apart from kitten food available all the time, it is crucial to make fresh water available to them readily. Water is an essential part of their diet, lack of which can lead to serious conditions like dehydration. Check that your kitten sips from bowl three to four times a day.

Naughty Nuts

When free-choice dry food is available to kittens, initially they bat with it and love to play with the food. Take it lightly, as with time they learn that it’s their meal and feed on it.

Other Pets

If you have a dog in your house, take care that your Fido just don’t eat away those tasty cat food as its inviting to them. You can keep your kitty bowl separately away from dog bowl.

Bitty Treats

When your kitten is growing up, it’s feasible to offer some tasty bites occasionally. But, be careful that they are healthy.

While feeding your kitten, take care to provide rich, quality and nutritious kitten food that help your kitty to grow up into a healthy cat.

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