4 Ways You Can Prevent Your Pet from Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are inevitable if you are a dog or a cat owner. They are bound to infest your pet at some point of time lest he is protected. Encounter with these nasty critters is a terrible experience which nobody would like to experience. So, if you are not careful and agile you can land your pet and yourself into great trouble. Though for us they are a mere nuisance, these parasites certainly prove to be highly debilitating for our furry buddies. Illness is synonymous with these critters, thus, better you prevent your pet before they make his/her life hell.

Many treatments and preventatives have already been invented to ward off these parasites. The products vary according to the levels of protection against fleas and ticks. Some are meant for use on pets and others for the household where these creepy, little critters could be lurking. So what are those products?

Prevent Your Pet from Fleas and Ticks

Best Ways to Get Rid of Flea and Tick

1. Spot-on or Topical Preventatives

These are probably the easiest treatments and the best control measures that are easy to use on pets. Topical treatments are meant to be applied on the specific spots of the pet’s skin and are readily available in various packs labeled according to the weight and age of pets. They usually provide monthly protection and are extremely easy to apply.

2. Oral Tablets And Chews

Preventatives that are available in chewable or tablet form are generally palatable for pets so they ingest it without reluctance. Infused with beef or other meaty flavors, they can also act as a treat you can reward to your pet. Most of the oral preventatives come with three-month protection. So, if your pet is not a fussy one, oral preventatives are the best option for him.

3. Shampoos And Sprays

If you bathe your pet with a normal shampoo with no additional properties, switch to shampoos that prevent fleas and ticks in your pet. They are formulated to repel fleas and ticks and eliminate any flea remains. Regular usage of these products can keep your pet from getting infested. Want a quick and handy product for flea and tick prevention? Use sprays like Frontline spray or Effipro Spray that provides protection with one press. However, do not use flea spray meant for household protection on your pet.

4. Collars

Protection against flea and ticks is a primary concern when you take your pet outdoors. They can contract these parasites when they are exposed to infested areas or animals. In that case, use collars. Flea and tick preventing collars not just repel these parasites but also provide additional protection against mosquitoes and mites.

Year Round Flea Season – Does it Matter for Your Pets

Fleas not just infest your pet but the household as well. Their eggs and larvae which fall off as the infested pet moves in the house can re-infest him after the course of treatment finishes. Therefore, it is imperative to treat your house as well. Every corner should be vacuumed regularly and beddings, upholstery, and cushions must be washed every week. Spray the house with flea and tick preventing spray meant for house use. And most importantly – give the preventatives to your pet year-round to avoid recurrence and ensure all pets are treated, not just the ones infested.

It is certainly a herculean task to eliminate fleas and ticks from our pet and household. However, if you use these preventatives and follow the instructions clearly, prevention will definitely be easy and rewarding.