Top 10 Reasons for Dry Skin in Dogs

Dry Skin in Dogs

Are you worried about your precious furry companion’s skin, which seems dry, dull and scaly? Normally, your pet skin faces wider exposure to sun, wind, dust, mites, and various other materials. Due to both internal and external unhealthy factors, various skin conditions arise in dogs and cats.

With a gamut of reasons leading to dry and flaky skin, let us explore the top ten reasons that are more likely to cause skin irritation in pets.   

Harsh Cold and Hot Weather Conditions 

During extreme cold and hot seasons, humidity is very less in the air. This dry weather conditions can cause flaky and dry skin in pets and humans. Moreover, with the constant running of air-conditioning during summer and winter, skin dryness is most common. A proper pet skin care during cold and hot days helps to maintain skin texture.

Unhealthy Food 

Table food or sweets make up poor diet and lead to dry skin. Added to this, malnutrition is also a common cause for flaky and itchy skin. Sometimes, daily meal also lack required nutrients for healthy skin. A proper supplement with fatty acids and regular change in diet help to keep your pet skin smooth.

Low Water Level 

Dehydration steals the moisture from the skin resulting into dry skin along with other symptoms. Provide plenty of fresh water to your pet regularly especially during the hot weather. This hydrates the skin and makes it supple.

Bacterial and Fungal Infection 

Bacteria and fungi are responsible for some common skin diseases causing rashes, dry and itchy skin. Such conditions are painful and cause irritation. A proper treatment from a vet helps to resolve bacterial and fungal infection.

Environmental Allergies 

Certain materials out in nature and environment such as pollen, grass, mayflower, or soap when come in contact with skin causes allergies with symptoms like dry and itchy skin. Avoiding such allergic substances is the best remedy for such allergies. In case of adverse condition, an allergic treatment through medication can help relieve the symptoms.

Hormonal Disturbance 

Like humans, animals too are no exceptions from hormonal disorders. Disturbance caused in hormones shows up into dry, redden or scaly skin. Providing proper supplements to balance hormone is what most of the vets recommend for pets.


Proper skin care along with health is essential to keep your pet’s skin shiny. Lack of grooming can make your pet’s skin and hair dull, dry and matted. Proper brushing and bathing help dogs and cats enjoy healthy skin. Malaseb shampoo for dogs and cats keep their skin clean and additionally treats fungal infection.

A good session of grooming every day removes dullness and dryness bringing back the sheen to your pet’s skin.

Parasitic Infections 

External parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites prefer to reside on the skin of healthy animals. Apart from sucking blood, these parasites cause skin problems including itching, dryness, scabbing, flaking, baldness and skin odor. Excessive scratching due to fleas and ticks leads to redness. A proper flea and tick treatment can reduce the symptoms and protect pets from severe infestations.

Food Allergies 

Not all food items or ingredients go well with pets. Certain food substances result in itchy, flaky and dry skin in dogs and cats. Pets suffering from food allergy issue require different pet diet along with certain medications for relief from symptoms.

Yeast Infections 

Yeast infections make your pooch constantly scratch or rub. It causes symptoms similar to other allergies like dryness and redness. A proper medication and treatment from a vet is can ward off this condition.

If your precious furry friend is having dry and flaky skin then with proper skin care treatment you can resolve the problem and bring that sheen back to your pet’s skin and coat.