12 Reasons Why No One Can Ever Replace Your Pet (Episode#2)

Wasn’t it absolutely fun to watch the first episode of “12 reasons why no one can ever replace your pet”?  As we promised, here we are with some more interesting reasons which may bring even a bigger smile on your faces!

Let’s pick it from where we left off!


  • Had a bad day at work? Well, it won’t matter once you reach home.

happy dog

However bad the day would be, all your aggression will vanish the minute you step inside your home. Yes! Your pooch will be there waiting to hug you tight and take away all your worries.

  • Watching your pup grow will be a complete joy ride

puppy playing
There is nothing cuter than a puppy. It can be a delightful experience to watch them grow and at some moment you even wish that they could never grow!

  • They teach us how to enjoy little things

dog playing with himself

Our furry friends live in the moment without thinking about the future or the past. This quality makes them enjoy the little things of life like a blowing wind, or a swing. We are so absorbed in our hectic lives that thinking out of the box is nothing more than a phrase now.

  • He will be the only one to stay with you through your thick and thin

dog loving his owner
People come and people go. There may be a time where your friends will not have time for you and you may find everybody busy in their lives. You are mistaken if you are putting your expectations on people. If you have a pet, he will be a constant life support for you. He will be the only one to stand beside you in every phase of your life.

  • And, he definitely knows how to cheer you up

Dancing dog

He not only stays by your side when no one is around, but also knows how to lift your mood. He can be a total entertainer just to bring a smile on your face.

  • Your pawed friend will never say “No” to a selfie

dog selfie
Your pooch will pose the same as you do and add an infinite charm to your selfie. They can be your best selfie partners. Don’t you wish the same compatibility from humans?

In all, your furry friends can be the best part of your life. If we observe them closely, they have a tendency to teach us some beautiful things like loyalty, gratitude and love. If you have a pet, you are bound to have these little moments which will brighten your day-to-day lives. It can be a lot better if we can give the same joy to our pets. Isn’t it? If you feel so, try spending some more quality time with them and they will jump up and down with utter excitement. Have fun!