Boost Your Dog’s Popularity: A Call To All Pet Parents

Is your dog mischievous enough to be wildly popular?

Mischievous Dog

Kudos, all our readers!!! We have got a great news for you.

We know you love your dog and the way he makes your life so vibrant. Let us know the most notorious thing that your pooch has ever done & we will make him popular among our millions of subscribers & blog readers.

Feel free to mention your canine’s karma and submit some pics as well. We will select 12 best instances from all the received submissions to publish here on our blog.

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You can brief the incident by messaging us at our Facebook page

Step 1 – Go to our FB page & click the message button

Step 2 – Enter your story, add photo and click “Send” to complete submission.

or simply email us your story & pic at

We are awaiting your interesting responses!

Submissions open till June 30 2015

And yes, it would be our pleasure to post his cute picture along with his mischievous tale.